'merry christmass'

'Merry christmass' Vrolijk kerstfeest' 'Zalig kerstmis' Merri,Merri,MEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRIIIIII.' Dit kreeg ik en waarschijnlijk vele anderen via sms doorgestuurd. Zo opgeblazen, gosh everybody used to be so happy at that day , peacefull and lovable. Well, I HATE CHRISTMASS. I keep forgetting the sence off christmass.
De geboorte van Jezus. Cool, over hoe maria beviel van jezus in de koude stal. Er was zo veel liefde, al was de hele wereld bedekt met sneeuw en had iedereen koud , al wou niemand jezus nemen in zijn herberg. Toch stond alles in de naam van liefde. De ster stond helemaal bovenaan en verlichte de hele stal. De koeien en de ezels loeiden van vreugde en het kleine jezusje had geen koud want het lag in stro dat lekker verwarmd was door de 3 koningen.
DAT IS SENCE OF CHRISTMASS. Gezellig samenzitten. Het gaat niet om de cadeautjes en de Fake smiles en al die misselijke foute versieringen. N



Lola is my biggest it girl, cuz she is like the same age than me (almost 14) okay I'm almost 17 but when i will folow miley cyrus it will make me look cheap. Yesh auwtch.

I'll show you why I love her. PS: it's not her that makes the clothes , pick the clothes but yah you hear me it's her STYLIST.



London, one of my favorite cities

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Streetstyle Ghent for ILOVETECHNO.

Camille, Arlon

Pauline, Italy

Sotiris and Muas , Greece

Monique and Amy, Holland

Elisa and Macu, Spain

Laurenzo, Italy

Alec, Italy

David, Italy

Laurie, France

Irma and Julie, Ghent

María, Spain


Pieter and Evi, photographystudents,Mechelen

Angelique , Ghent

Liesbeth, Ghent

Ruth & Annelies, West Vloandereee


Tommy and Jane, Ireland

Jane , Ireland

Lizz and Laura, Manchester

Suze, Holland

Chloe, Manchester


there was something sexy and dark and dangerous about them

London Calling

London babyyyyy.

This summer I went to London for the very first time.
I was soooo surprised by the courage of those Londoners, as a matter of fact about their feeling for great style and sense of fashion.
Rather, I had an enormous admiration for the way they defined their own style,
and how they accented their personality with it
The people were friendly and lovable, there was no-one who didn't smiled back (;
I just adore the city, I wish I was living in it ..