I forgot my responsibility in paris

I was trying to give you a look that was based on vintage cause I only know a few people who are really into this sort of store. Some people think that vintage is cheap and dirty but trust me , one of the greatest clothes are hanging there! Chanoi (nanoi and charr)will post you a lot of looks or the regular clothes that we wear,


Vive la femme!

Bonjour ; Bonjorno,

after seeing the SS '11 collection of Dolce and Gabbana, I was veeeeeeery relieved that all of the silhouets were so feminine!
A lot of androgyn-looking models have been walking down the runway the last few years,
which I also liked.
Though I always had this sort of fascination for high heels,dresses and Paris' twenties style!
You know, like these flapper dresses, with lots of fethers and fringles on it..
Briefly: I love to wear feminine clothes.

What I think is very sad is that here in Belgium, you see lots of women who wear a pair of jeans.
Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with wearing a pair of jeans, but if you combine it with grey or beige 'gilets' or sweaters , it starts to get a bit boring, don't you think?
Those women who I describe, wear this sort of outfit every day!
You all know at least five women like that, no?
This is a message to all of you who recognize themselves in those women:
Please do wear colour ! Be a woman , a real one !
Don't hide yourself on the street, so that no-one will notice you and just leave you alone!
You shouldn't be afraid of people looking at you because you wear for example , a red cape.
And about the jeans-issue .. Go for a Levi's ID-curve pair please.
(later more about that)

Back to coming season now:
In the A/W collections this year, the fifties/sixties Mad Men style was representative (Prada for example), so we already had a little dosis of feminine style.
Following pictures show us a tip-of from the feminine trends formed at the past fashionweek in Paris and Milan!

 Dolce and Gabbana: the romantic Italian style 

  Chanel: revival of the twenties + of Inès de la Fressange

John Galliano was inspired by a twenties icon and interpretated is his own way.
my favourite!



2.55 : Amour mondiale

Agyness definately knows how to rock the 2.55


 That's my pull I AM SO IN LOVE WITH IT!

Based in Belgium, the duo behind Filles à Papa (translation: daddy’s girls) were inspired by their love of fashion and the energy of New York City, combined with the bling of Vegas, the laid back street style of Los Angeles and the seductive nights of Ibiza. With not too much bells and whistles we find something very cool about this new line. I am so in love with the tshirts! Can't wait till I have one.


wanted: fashionable winterwonderland clothes


first of all we have the amazing lace dresses where everyone looks hot in !
don't mind the colour .
wear it with red lipstick, it will make your look even more cute.
Some people may think that lace is a bit hoochy but when you wear it with the right shoes and accesoires it can be very classy.
Also just lace things in general are very fashionable.

Faux furcoats are very popular this season , winter shall be cold so we have to prepare for this, to all the furhaters and gaia-organistations we have the perfect solution; FAUX FUR. Looks like fur AND is hot too ( in both ways ;) )

Knitwear and wool was so far away! I looked a year ago in my mothers closet and there was an old sweater in wool and it was zo vintage and old. I had the feeling that I needed to vomit. IEEW. But now I checked  her closet again and found love for the same sweater!

SIXTIES&FIFTIES are waiting at us,very long skirt over the knees will be fashion this season thanks to Prada, make sure it is high waist . You don't want to look like a total hippie. I know it makes you look shorter but therefore you got to wear heels! Put your hair straight rearwards and in a dot. Don't be scared to wear red lipstick. Also select a fifties purse, in style of the classic Kelly Bag.

the Tiger-leopard scarves  are just phenomenal ! you see them everywhere!
we were nightshopping in ghent and I assure you they were literally all over the place.

Love chanoi