wanted: fashionable winterwonderland clothes


first of all we have the amazing lace dresses where everyone looks hot in !
don't mind the colour .
wear it with red lipstick, it will make your look even more cute.
Some people may think that lace is a bit hoochy but when you wear it with the right shoes and accesoires it can be very classy.
Also just lace things in general are very fashionable.

Faux furcoats are very popular this season , winter shall be cold so we have to prepare for this, to all the furhaters and gaia-organistations we have the perfect solution; FAUX FUR. Looks like fur AND is hot too ( in both ways ;) )

Knitwear and wool was so far away! I looked a year ago in my mothers closet and there was an old sweater in wool and it was zo vintage and old. I had the feeling that I needed to vomit. IEEW. But now I checked  her closet again and found love for the same sweater!

SIXTIES&FIFTIES are waiting at us,very long skirt over the knees will be fashion this season thanks to Prada, make sure it is high waist . You don't want to look like a total hippie. I know it makes you look shorter but therefore you got to wear heels! Put your hair straight rearwards and in a dot. Don't be scared to wear red lipstick. Also select a fifties purse, in style of the classic Kelly Bag.

the Tiger-leopard scarves  are just phenomenal ! you see them everywhere!
we were nightshopping in ghent and I assure you they were literally all over the place.

Love chanoi


  1. Whaa totally love your blog! Good work guys!!



  2. Great job, i totally looooove it <3



Thanks a lot honey!