London, one of my favorite cities

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Streetstyle Ghent for ILOVETECHNO.

Camille, Arlon

Pauline, Italy

Sotiris and Muas , Greece

Monique and Amy, Holland

Elisa and Macu, Spain

Laurenzo, Italy

Alec, Italy

David, Italy

Laurie, France

Irma and Julie, Ghent

María, Spain


Pieter and Evi, photographystudents,Mechelen

Angelique , Ghent

Liesbeth, Ghent

Ruth & Annelies, West Vloandereee


Tommy and Jane, Ireland

Jane , Ireland

Lizz and Laura, Manchester

Suze, Holland

Chloe, Manchester


there was something sexy and dark and dangerous about them

London Calling

London babyyyyy.

This summer I went to London for the very first time.
I was soooo surprised by the courage of those Londoners, as a matter of fact about their feeling for great style and sense of fashion.
Rather, I had an enormous admiration for the way they defined their own style,
and how they accented their personality with it
The people were friendly and lovable, there was no-one who didn't smiled back (;
I just adore the city, I wish I was living in it ..