Hi , time for some hairissues !
Haha I've got a huuuuuuuuuuge dilemma.
In march last year, we both went to the hairdresser and got ourselves a fringe.
át the hairdresser, haha

after a shopping + streetstyle day in Ghent, unfortunately we didn't find any nicely dressed people,

This is two years ago, when I got this fringe, my hair wasn't that long and it was a bit weird like that. Therefore I think it looks better when you have long hair.

 I'm thinking about cutting my hair like this again.
But it's still a dilemma.
Nanoi won't do it again , because she thinks she looks like some random hiphop/gangsta-chick.
Her solution : finding a clip-on. But now the problem is : where?
I hope it doesn't look to shiny, like barbie hair does. Otherwise it's kind of very obvious that you've got a fake fringe.
If we found one, we'll let you know ;)

In an Urban Outfitters fitting room. It's a mess because I like to take more than 20 items with me, it's URBAN OUTFITTERS for something!

With love for you and fashion,


Without lies: I prefer the bubbles

I was trying out my new pink blazer, He seems to look weird but when I combinate it good he can be quite cool!
Adoration of the moment , boots boots boots , the bigger the better.
The clumsier the better, so for me there is absolutely no problem.

I was bored the other day so I started to take pictures on the tram.
All the people were starring but hey , there is nothing wrong with it.
As it starts to get dark very early the effects were sublime.
I always try to experiment a little, it's much better than read all the books and learn things by hard.
All those stupid rules, Quote: ''NO, you have to do it like this,make sure this is on'' BLABLABLA.
I try to discover all the things by myself , if someone tells you stuff the fun is totally over.
Okay there is nothing wrong with giving advice but when somebody starts to act like he's better I feel like HITTING HIM/HER in the face :) ( I wouldn't do that though )
My experiments look like this...
Ps: I'm still learning


kiss kiss bang bang

 Parisienne-like twenties feathered dress

Edie Sedgwick earrings

a white bike! because right now I've got a really crappy one haha
 vintage paillettesdress, which I'll find at Myriam Wulfaert hopefully.. (=nice vintage shop in Ghent)
Cassie's navy-suit!
 XL rock/metal T-shirt!
Chuck Bass and a limo. HAHAHA no just a boyfriend.

a headband like her ! It's so egyptian-, Cleopatra-like, love it!

fake lashes . These are from Shu Uemera and have some led-lights , how fabulous!
Only for 65 $ ..

Black lipstick!

Lanvin dress, which I'll make myself haha. Correction, I'll try !

These lips .. no I won't tell you who it is , haha OMG I'm a freak.
but I swear you , he's smoking hot.

Also some orange lipstick!

Indian feathered hat! I'm desperately searching for one.

Diesel fuel for life unlimited perfume. IT SMELLS SOOOO GOOD.
+ the commercial is splendid.

Hello honeys, here a little view on what I want for christmas ánd for my birthday ( it's on 22/12) !
Have you got already anything in mind? haha I love these days.
Everything is white outside when I take a look out of my window, which I do too often.
I should be studying and I'm just thinking on all the beautiful stuff in the stores..
Not good !
However, next year I can study what I really want to!