Without lies: I prefer the bubbles

I was trying out my new pink blazer, He seems to look weird but when I combinate it good he can be quite cool!
Adoration of the moment , boots boots boots , the bigger the better.
The clumsier the better, so for me there is absolutely no problem.

I was bored the other day so I started to take pictures on the tram.
All the people were starring but hey , there is nothing wrong with it.
As it starts to get dark very early the effects were sublime.
I always try to experiment a little, it's much better than read all the books and learn things by hard.
All those stupid rules, Quote: ''NO, you have to do it like this,make sure this is on'' BLABLABLA.
I try to discover all the things by myself , if someone tells you stuff the fun is totally over.
Okay there is nothing wrong with giving advice but when somebody starts to act like he's better I feel like HITTING HIM/HER in the face :) ( I wouldn't do that though )
My experiments look like this...
Ps: I'm still learning


  1. haha ,i'm still learning dus ik zal nog veel simpele dingen ontdekken , maar zoals we weten is simpel het leukst!

  2. sowieso. en werkelijk niets gaat boven lichtjes.

  3. christmaslichtjes , primum facinum novus principatus mortem P.Agripae erat morgen?

  4. op de eerste foto zijt ge echt 'smoking hot'
    Ne vree wijze blog om te volgen !
    kben echt in love met u stijl! en love your hair!



Thanks a lot honey!