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Cause my words were gone...

Fuck television

I got a bit inspired by Taylor momsen I guess... No good :D


une mode fantastique

Finally, SPRING.
as the weather is getting hot , we get hotter too. We fall in love more quickly and we get a nice tan, thanks to the sun..jahoew.But what to wear? colours ofcourse! Colours are the biggest must- wear this season. The flashier the better. This time we have an excuse to look OVERdressed. The term colourblocking (yeah it's getting boring already) is used when you combinate ALL colors I really mean ALL colors like ORANGE,FLUOPINK,BLUE,RED,YELLOW,FLUOGREEN..But I'm not a big fan of orange and pink.You actually can look like a colorbook when you enter the city. how cool is that?I dressed colourful before the trend  because I like people their  faces when they pass by and look like OMG she's wearing bright red :) ( in Ghent it's namely the case that people look up from a bit colour...)  So, when I entered Zara I was like WOW what happened, although I could see this coming since the high fashion labels came up with many colours. But in this time of crisis, that's what the world needs right?

-Zara spring 2011-

-Jil Sander 2011-

The commercial is divine ! Also check the music that was used : RATATAT-MIRANDO

I'm in love with the shoes ! whoaw

I'm a very big fan ! Reminds me of candy 


-Prada 2011-

Maryama Luccioni is a French fashion designer that we met at a fashion party in Ghent, we saw how she was dressed and we almost fainted! So cool! Now she has a shop in Paris that is called  Public Romance Paris.

-Public Romance Paris 2011-

-Nanois vintage collection 2011- (I'm kidding right.)


the term colourblocking is also used in the nailindustry so yes , it's all the way! 
Make up, clothes , nails , sunglasses. This seems like carnaval! 
The nailpolish that me and my friend are using , are from american apparel.
I used chanel before but that really sucked. 

OH ! I received a lot of clothes from my grandma. But really, Bags ( really cool bags)
, coats ( all colors! ) ,shoes and gloves !
I'm in love with her style she used to have. How could she be so fashionable? 
My dad took them from me because otherwise I would try them on the whole time.
I'll post looks when I got them back.
aww, I just found one look but that was on a sleepover with my best friend and we were kinda drunk so don't mind the combination, haha but in THIS case since colorblocking came that isn't a prob anymore. 

Love chanoi