Hi! Me and charr went to a little vintageoccasion called 'ISSHOES'
It started at 7 o'clock and we were there at 6 ofcourse( Imagine that all the shoes and bags were gone, we would never forgive ourselves!) Eskimofabriek was a very nice building, it was classy and it had a touch of design. So, we were by the first six and were very lucky ofcourse because we could grab all the shoes and bags we wanted ! It was so funny, people were running all over the place and were pushing each other and were screaming: I SAW THEM FIRST!!!!!!!! It reminded me of the movie confessions of a shopaholic.
After seeing all those shoes picked away , we payed. I bought 2 purses and 2 pairs of shoes and charr bought 2 pairs of shoes and 1 purse. YAY we are so happy!
There are people who found it badly organized but that was only because they were late :)

Love Chanoi


Thanks a lot honey!