Miss atanomy Miss nowhere Miss don't care

I waist my time and I burn my mind.

I don't know where I'm into.

 Sometimes I really need a drink...

And I don't know who I am.

When you're Out there without care I became crazy.
That makes me crazy.

Here we go again. The same rush as always ... High school.
At the other side I see all my friends back and I should appreciate the time that I have now.
Mocking teachers , teasing them haha I can't wait.Next year It won't be the same at all. They won't even see you.
At this point I'm in a weird phase of my life , I don't really know what I want.
It's like I'm becoming a teenager again. AGAIN.
I have the feeling I didn't party as hard as I wanted it and that I didn't enjoyed my teenageryears. But the case is that I've already party HELLA much.
Now becoming a rebel is kinda uhm , so last year?
But as long I'm enjoying it , that's fine for me.



  1. Love these pictures honey!!


  2. Er zitten echt schoontjes bij, Nanoi, en lovely outfit, of course!

  3. just know u r my favourite so-last-year-teenager noishka ;) haha
    hé, I'm having a déja-vu!!

    xx u know who this is


Thanks a lot honey!