back on track

Hello there.
Long time no see , like really long!
I need to write about some things I saw, discovered and that grabbed my attention for this past half year.
So this is going to be a huge post.
(For the record, this is Charlotte writing)

My first discovery is the one in music. I am in luuuuuv with Lana Del Rey.
Her songs give me a nostalgic feeling , thinking of the world of a 16-year-old American girl. The setting is beautiful , the sun 's going down and she's rollerblading with crazy shorts and a high ponytail.. Ah , see and listen for yourself. Her first album Born To Die is  in stores now, please buy the LP , it's so nice.
 My favorite songs are Radio, Off To The Races, National Anthem and This Is What Makes Us Girls.

  she's  so pretty!

this photo here, comes from my second new addiction/discovery: Wildfox. It's a LA-based brand that makes reaaaaaaaly nice clothes. I WANT THEM  ALL!!
You should check out the website + this video: http://vimeo.com/4733057

next post: more of music, fashion and my personal outfits

xo Charlotte

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