what's with the half-shaved haircut?
I think it's original and experimental.
It can upgrade your look with a rock-chic attitude, a bit French Vogue style, but more it-girl ; like Alice Dellal.
I have a friend who maybe will go for this style.
T, wear it with leather jackets and studs, and you will kick some ass.

Not only Alice , but also Rihanna and Cassie dare to be different;

And on the catwalk

Ofcourse we end with a LOOKBOOK pic ♥

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  1. I LOVE that style;
    bij mij was 't niet zo extreem en nu bijna weggegroeid maar binnenkort knip ik zeker nog eens bij of haal ik de tondeuse zelf boven!
    check ook Chedraoui Lara, de zangeres van Intergalactic lovers!

    Leuke blogs, keep it up.


Thanks a lot honey!