My little story

I'm just.
It's sounds really silly but I really wanne be a star.
When I was 4 I used to dance and sing the whole time.
My grandma believed in me, she loved to hear me sing.
On a day 10 years later , she said to me : Hey , you still got your beautiful voice...
I had this dream you know, becoming famous that everyone saw what i could do.
That I'm not the stupid-weird-wild-child in the group. I always was the child that you remembered out a group of kids. I was different.I was crazy.
Now that I'm older , it's different ,people started to see me as the kid that wants attention but I'm just not like all the other kids.
I feel like an alien stuck in my own bubble.
I am fearless, I'm not ashamed when I enter a stage,My grandma says that it's a gift.
I love to be on stage. It's like I'm feeling better on stage then on the ground.
Always when I go to concerts or when I watch concerts I have the feeling that I wanne stand there and sing or perform people. I don't wanne do this stupid 9 to 5 job.
I do have respect for the people that do work like that but I think that there is more in life.
Passions like Singing, acting
I have to make this happen. It's my ambition.
I wanne be a lady gaga. I know I've got to work hard hard hard for this.
But anyway, the industrie is too hard.
I've got to be a stronger woman. I'm working on it.
I don't know , I just wanted to write it down once.

Love nanoi


  1. NANOI, Ja wadde !
    'Kvind da ne zoooot schone tekst ! Khoop dat ge het kunt waar maken ;) xxx Nathalie

  2. you go girl ! :-)



Thanks a lot honey!